Luzi Smart Lamp



Luzi isn’t just a smartlamp that helps you sleep better, it’s the smartest lamp ever made! With Luzi you can control your connected devices with intelligent voice commands, get to sleep faster and sleep better with our patented sleep system, and clean up your nightstand with 4 integrated USB ports, wireless charging, and premium Bluetooth speakers.

Luzi responds to your commands. Turn lights on/off, start sleep cycle, snooze alarm, and more.

Sleep Well

Customizable sleep cycle lets you choose the sound track and lighting that helps you get to sleep while learning what features work best for you.

Therapeutic Light

Soothing light to help you fall asleep and made to emulate natural light to keep your circadian rhythm in order. Bright enough to light up the whole room.

Premium Sound System

High Quality Bluetooth speaker plays your favorite music, audio books, and soothing sounds.


Choose your favorite clock face, display temperature, weather report, day/date, and more.

Pick Your Position

Rotate Luzi up to 90 degrees for your favorite clock viewing angle.

Charge your Apple Watch

With the integral watch stand you can charge your Apple Watch!

Wireless charging option

With the optional wireless charging base you are ready for the future!

Recharge all your devices

4 USB ports let you charge all your personal devices including phone, tablet, headset, or even smart watch

Control Your Health
Luzi can help improve your overall health by ensuring a great night’s sleep! Luzi empowers you with individualized Relevant Recommendations™ along with automatically adjusting your light, sound, and even temperature settings based on what works best for you.

Get Organized

With Luzi by your side, you can clear off your nightstand from a mess of chargers, alarm clock, and speakers because Luzi does it all (including the light!). From wireless charging to gentle wakeup, and an integrated Bluetooth speaker system, Luzi will help clear the clutter from your life. Luzi also likes magnetic laundry system so can also control other connected devices in your home, just tell her what you want to do!

Sleep Better

Take control of your sleep with our patented Luzi Sleep™ System. A combination of therapeutic light with low frequency sound can put you right to sleep. You can also choose from guided meditation, white noise, soothing sounds, or even your favorite sound track that helps you sleep.
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Made For Smart Homes

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