How Business Travelers Stay Healthy

It’s much easier to stay healthy at home than on the road.  Travel alters your daily routine of sleep, diet, exercise and environment.  When this happens your body can cease to function properly and this can lead to insomnia, upset stomachs, allergies and emotional stress.  But there are many ways to stay healthy while traveling.

Food can be a leading cause of illness when traveling, especially in foreign countries.

Avoid eating heavily. You will be subjected to new and possibly exotic foods so remember all things in moderation.

You don’t pig out on junk food at the office do you? Substitute fruit or possibly a health bar.  Fruit that you peel is probably safer.  Know the difference between hunger and boredom.  It’s best to eat before a long flight.

Water can also cause problems.  Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration but make sure the water is safe.  When in doubt, drink bottled water and avoid ice in drinks.  Put an extra bottle of water in your bag to carry aboard the plane.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine.  Both are diuretics and will keep you going to the bathroom unnecessarily.  Remember, one drink in the air can act like two on the ground.  If you must attend a gathering at the bar, never be the last to leave.

Get plenty of rest and sleep.  Make sure your hotel room is at least two floors away from all the parties.  This avoids the noise and the temptation.  Also, request a room away from the elevators and ice machine.

Ice machines vibrate and this filters through to adjacent rooms.  It’s wise to clear a path from your bed to the bathroom before you turn out the light.  It will save a possible “trip” you didn’t want to take.

Make time for exercise.  A healthy traveler is a more fit and productive traveler.  Most hotels have health spas and many great business contacts are made there.

If you have back problems, two small suitcases with wheels are better than one large one.

Better yet, call a porter.

Alleviate jetlag by tricking your body into adapting to the new time zone.  Go to bed when the natives go to bed – even if it’s noon at home.

Wash your hands frequently and avoid any co-worker who is sick.

If you do get sick, don’t panic.  Rest, take your medications and it will likely pass in a day or two.  Take time to relax and read or watch an in-room movie.  Your co-workers will appreciate your not spreading any illness to them.

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