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  1. What is the science behind Luzi?
    1. Since we have integrated a custom designed LED producing millions of color combinations, along with a sophisticated sound system capable of very low frequencies, Luzi is able to provide a wide range of options for healthier sleep, never before offered in a consumer device. Here are some of the studies we based our features on:
  2. Wow, Luzi sounds incredible! How do I know you can actually build it?
    1. We're an experienced team of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs with excellent track records of building and delivering innovative products.
  3. What exactly is the patented Luzi Sleep system and how does it help me get to sleep faster?
    1. The Luzi Sleep system uses a combination of binaural beats, HRTF (head-related transfer function), IRF (induced resonant frequencies) and harmonic theory, applied in such a way as to produce sounds that encourage the human brain to shift into the metabolic maintenance modes associated with healthy sleep. The Luzi lamp audio system was custom designed to be able to reproduce these low frequencies that will help you get to sleep faster than you ever thought possible.
  4. Does Luzi know when I get to sleep and what sleep state I am in?
    1. We have partnered with Fitbit and Luna to monitor your sleep state and pass that information to Luzi so we can learn what helps the most with your sleep. In the near future we plan to offer an optional sleep band that will be much more precise than other alternatives on the market.
  5. Do you have a beta test program for Luzi so I can get my hands on one earlier?
    1. Yes, drop us a line at hello@luzilamp.com and let us know if you are interested! We will have limited numbers of beta units, so please understand we cannot fulfill all requests. And we will ask that those participating in our beta program provide regular feedback at least weekly on their experience and suggestions.
  6. Is Luzi available in stores?
    1. Luzi will be sold only through our Indiegogo campaign link during the first 60-90 days, then available through our website after the Indiegogo campaign is closed. We do expect to offer Luzi via premium online retailers in 2016 and closely followed in select traditional retail stores.
  7. What countries is Luzi currently available in?
    1. Luzi will initially be available in US, and followed shortly thereafter in Europe. We plan to offer additional major countries within 2016, please drop us a line at hello@luzilamp.com if you are from a country outside the US and we will add you to our notification list once available.
  8. What color is Luzi available in initially and when do you plan more options?
    1. Luzi is available in white and black initially. We do plan additional colors soon after our initial launch based on votes by our backers. Prior to shipping, you will be able to specify which color you prefer.
  9. How does the voice control work on Luzi?
    1. We use advanced speech recognition software that responds to various commands to control all the typical things you might want Luzi to do for you. Some of the common commands include:
      • “Light On” (or off)
      • “Set Alarm”
      • “Start Sleep Cycle”
      • “Set the Mood” (for your favorite mood music)
      • “Play XXXXX” (play a track from your music library)
      • “Light Dim” (dims 25% at a time for each command)
      • “Light Color XXXXX” (change light to a specific LED color)
  10. How does the stereo mode work if I own two Luzi Lamps?
    1. If you install two Luzi Lamps in the same room (i.e. one on each night stand), the pair will operate in stereo audio mode, providing a much richer listening experience.
  11. If my power goes out what happens to my clock on Luzi?
    1. Luzi has a battery backup to retain your settings including the clock. So no need to worry whether you will have an alarm if you lose commercial power.
  12. Does Luzi operate autonomously or does it require my smartphone or tablet?
    1. Luzi does not require the use of a smart phone or tablet as it is designed to operate autonomously.
  13. What is the Luzi app for?
    1. The Luzi app is used mainly for initial setup and configuration of the lamp (more advanced settings). It is not required for basic functionality of the lamp.
  14. What smart phones and tablets is the Luzi App compatible with?
    1. Apple iPhone 5S or newer and iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPad 4 or higher, all running iOS 8.3 or higher. We also support most Android phones or tablets running Android v4.4 or higher.
  15. What sensors are in Luzi and what are they used for?
    1. Temperature sensor is used for measuring the ambient temperature of that room. Microphone is used to talk to Luzi and also auto-detect snoring (if activated). Ambient light sensor is used to auto-dim the display.
  16. Does Luzi offer Apple Health and Google Fit interface?
    1. Luzi will have an interface to both Apple Health and Google Fit to consolidate your health data and provide more meaningful personalized recommendations.
  17. For the Luzi wireless charging base, which technologies are supported and which specific devices?
    1. The wireless charging base will support both Qi and PMA standards. This means it will be compatible with most smart phones available today that support wireless charging including the Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Even iPhones using a 3rd party case will work if they adhere to Qi or PMA standards.
  18. How does the Apple Watch stand work?
    1. The optional Apple Watch stand attaches to the Luzi wireless charging base. It uses the standard wireless charging cable that comes with the Apple Watch, simply route the cable in the hidden channel and plug the USB into the back of Luzi!
  19. Will Luzi support charging of other devices besides Apple Watch?
    1. Yes, we will offer other popular smart watch options in the near future! Please drop us a line at hello@luzilamp.com as to what devices you would like to see us support.
  20. When will the wireless charging base and Apple Watch stand be available for sale?
    1. We plan to offer these for sale prior to shipment of Luzi, subject to hitting our stretch goals for this campaign!
  21. Can I personalize the voice on Luzi?
    1. Yes, Luzi will come with several choices initially and more will be added in the future.
  22. What are the dimensions of Luzi?
    1. The Luzi Lamp is approximately 5” square and 13” tall.
  23. Is the LED light included? How long does it last?
    1. Yes, the color LED is included with the Luzi lamp and will offer many years of life (25,000 to 50,000 hrs of use).
  24. What is the warranty on Luzi?
    1. 1 year
  25. What is the cost of shipping?
    1. Luzi will be shipped at no additional charge within the US. Shipments to Western Europe are $69 including insurance. Shipping costs for other countries will be announced in the future once available.